Photo Printing and Frames


Jumbo / Post cards   10 or More

Jumbo / Post cards   50 or More

4×6     (    x   cm)

5×7     (13x18cm)

A5       (15x20cm)

8×10   (20x25cm)

A4       ( 20x30cm)

A3        (30x40cm)

Studio photo’s

Photo books

A4 Photo editing and Frame

A3 Photo editing and Frame


Signage and Printing



Canvas printing

A6 Ceremony Invites

A5 Ceremony Invites

Ceremony Invites

Hymn Sheets

500 Pamphlets A5

1000 Pamphlets A5

Photo Coping/ USB Printing Scanning


Black Copies

colour copies

USB Black Copies

USB colour copies

A3 Printing

A3 Printing board

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