“You don’t make a photograph just with a camera”.

You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen,

theĀ  books you have read,

the music you have heard,

the people you have loved

–Ansel Adams

About Me

– Wedding Photography & video
– Events Photography & video
– Portrait Photography
– new born baby Photography

– Documentary
– Creative
– Traditional
– Photo Editing

Right from the beginning, I was interested in many artistic fields including photography, music engineering, and videography.
I always knew that I would be working very closely with people capturing their unique personalities and emotions.

My love for the art of photography has developed over the years with the help of my best friend who inspired me to see the world from a very different perspective.
Now photography is a big part of my life.
In my work, I strive to show the real beauty of a person by reflecting their remarkable inner nature.
There is nothing more beautiful than us.

My style of photography is bright, deep and emotional.
I try to capture all spectacular moments of the wedding/event of the day in a natural and unintrusive way.

I have an extensive experience in capturing different cultural ceremonies including Traditional Christian, Hindu, Tamil Muslim Wedding.
I also offer special packages for the pre-wedding functions.

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